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• Jan. 2013: Teller Suite version 8.1.0 now available

BranchConnect announces availability of Teller Suite version 8.1.0. This new release includes updated support for FinCEN CTR batch e-filing. Teller Suite Enterprise includes capabilities to monitor and capture cash transactions, track activity across branches, automatically trigger Currency Transaction Reports, and file them electronically using the latest FinCEN batch CTR e-filing requirements, all in a paperless, streamlined and efficient managed workflow.

In addition, version 8.1.0 has been updated and tested for compatibility with Windows 8. (Teller Suite version 8.1.0 or later is required for Windows 8.) Software distribution also now uses Windows Installer technology for enhanced system administrator control of software distribution and maintenance.

Please contact BranchConnect at 1-865-379-8005 or to learn more and to schedule the version 8.1.0 update.

• Aug. 2012: Teller Suite version 8.06 available

BranchConnect announces availability of version 8.0.6, with support for the new CTR Discrete Filing PDF form generation. The release includes other minor updates and enhancements, including an expanded account masking capability for receipt printing. Version 8 also includes support for cash recyclers using the new CompuFlex WinUCM interface.

• Sep. 2010: BranchConnect and VSoft announce strategic alliance

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VSoft Corporation, an information and technology provider of process improvement solutions, and Knoxville, Tenn.-based BranchConnect Financial Systems, Inc., a provider of a comprehensive Windows online teller automation solution, announced a partnership to help financial institutions better implement and improve automation at the teller workstation.

Through the strategic alliance, BranchConnect’s teller automation platform, Teller Suite, seamlessly integrates with VSoft’s Teller Item Capture solution to increase productivity and flexibility of teller workflow while also providing branch customers with a better overall experience. Teller Suite enables tellers to leverage VSoft’s solution to capture, correct and balance transactions at the teller line, while improving attention and interaction with the customer.

“VSoft’s mission aligns with our company’s commitment to delivering reliable, high-performance software; we both measure success by our customers’ success,” said Randy Neal, president of BranchConnect. “VSoft’s teller capture is proven among financial institutions of all sizes, its compatibility with our technology and application workflow, and its ability to deliver fast, efficient results made it the ideal choice to enhance Teller Suite.”

BranchConnect and VSoft each offer proven technologies built to help financial institutions operate efficiently through the effective use of automation. The partnership expands the capabilities of BranchConnect’s teller suite and presents great cost and time savings to financial institutions. The partnership further benefits banks by streamlining the process of managing transactions at the teller line, immediately identifying errors and creating a fast, hassle-free banking experience for customers and members.

“Imaging is becoming an important part of many teller stations, as employees, managers and customers all experience the added efficiency,“ said Murthy Veeraghanta, chairman and managing director of VSoft Corporation. “By partnering with BranchConnect, we can continue to provide cost effective, comprehensive automation solutions that let banks operate resourcefully and greatly improve the ease and convenience of banking.”

About BranchConnect

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., BranchConnect Financial Systems Inc. was founded in 1995 to design and develop a Windows based teller automation solution. BranchConnect released its flagship product, BranchConnect Teller Suite, in 1997. BranchConnect markets and supports Teller Suite directly and through its authorized business partners. For more information visit

About VSoft Corporation

VSoft Corporation offers core and payment-processing solutions that improve service, reduce cost and maximize efficiency for financial institutions. Its solutions provide seamless, real-time, high-volume and high-performance transactions across multiple channels and can be delivered in–house, or as an outsourced ASP or SaaS model to best meet the needs of individual financial institutions.

VSoft’s services have been trusted by more than 1,900 banks, credit unions and savings institutions, as well as transaction processors, governments, utilities, telecommunications and retail organizations worldwide. The company’s growth and stability has been recognized by inclusion in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Inc. 5000, the 2008 and 2009 Software 500, recognition as a Top 10 Fastest Growing Company in Atlanta in 2008 and a feature in Bank Technology News’ 9th Annual Innovator Awards for its core solution. For more information call 770.225.7692 or visit

• Jul. 2010: Announcing Teller Suite Version 8. Version 8, available in August 2010, will include multi-vendor cash recycler support. Version 8.1 will also include a new teller captuer check imaging interface. Please contact BranchConnect for more details.

• Nov. 2009: New Savings Bond redemption value tables are available for Dec. 2009 through May 2010. Click here to visit Treasury Direct and download. Refer to Teller Suite Branch Manager help or user guide for instructions on installing the updated tables.

• Oct. 2009: Teller Suite versions 7.3 and later are tested and compatible with the Windows 7 operating system.

• May 2009: Teller Suite Point of Contact Agent v7.4 centralized CTR Reporting now includes E-File functionality using the FinCEN BSA E-Filing System. The Teller Suite Enterprise Manager CTR workflow now includes the capability to create batched CTR e-file reports for submission to the BSA E-Filing system and process the acknowledgement file received from FinCEN.

• Jul. 2008: Teller Suite version 7.3 is tested and compatible with Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.


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